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Viva la Single Phần 2

Viva la Single Phần 2

Sebastian pays tribute to a previous girlfriend, trying to produce the movie that she inspired him to write. He enlists Natalia, an empathic producer and his right hand, to help produce the film for which they struggle to find funding. Ultimately they decide to stage a play based on the script. Still hurting from his recent loss, Sebastian decides that he can’t start a new relationship. He goes in the opposite direction and takes irresponsible bachelorhood to the extreme. Success and fame open the door to encounters with all types of women who seem to fill the void that is becoming increasingly apparent in Sebastian’s life. Throughout this journey, Sebastian becomes even closer to Natalia. She is his friend and partner but there is an undeniable romantic tension. Blinded by his career and newfound relevance, Sebastian loses touch with his romantic nature. After bottling up their feelings, during a night of drinking Sebastian and Natalia cross a line. While Sebastian wonders if they madea mistake, Natalia feels ready for a relationship.

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